How to make the decision on the packages selection?
Dream Philippines is the most popular package provides International channels in China.
Also, 45cm diameter antenna is big enough to receive the air signal.
On the other hand, if your TV provide HDMI input and support 1080i definition. The Cignal HD package would be your first choice. This package provides 8 HD channels and the antenna size is 75cm diameter.
G Sat package provide TVE (Spanish), TV5 (French), NHK Premium (Japan), NEO India Cricket (India) and other international channels. The first choices for clients are from Europe or Asia.
Pirated or Original systems?
NO satellite service provider can HONESTLY guarantee how long the pirated system can be work.
It means you are facing cut off at any time without notice. Or say TOTAL LOST on what you paid on the satellite system would be happen at any time. So, why take the risk!!
Always select the Original system.
Can I use my existing wiring to install my satellite system?
If the cable in your house is RG-6 Coax cable, you may use it to connect your receiver to your satellite dish. Otherwise, you do need to run new cable. It is important that you use RG-6 cable due to the frequency of the digital signals it must carry.
Can I just buy some channels on your system?
Sorry, you cannot.
There are many different satellite channels that are bundled into a variety of packages.
Select the package which contains your favorite channels. Not to select different channels from different packages.
Of cause, you can invest two or more different packages to have more favorite channels.
How many TVs can I connect to one dish? Or to one dish/receiver?
You may have as many as TV sets connected to the dish. However, if you wish to do so, please kindly advice we in advance so you may be given the dish configured for such service.
Also, you will have to purchase additional receivers for additional TV.
What’s the difference between different size dishes?
Driving through any neighborhood and you’re likely to see small gray dishes clinging to rooftops or balconies pointed to the sky, ranging from 0.5m in diameter to 1.5m in diameter. Most of the dishes are around 0.55m in diameter; the size depends on which satellite the dish must receive from. Generally speaking, the bigger the dish, the better the reception is when weather is bad such as during heavy rain.
Also, Each system has a minimum dish requirement. Call us for the dish size of your satellite TV system.
What if I move?
I Care satellite provide relocation service for our clients with service charge. Please contact us for details.
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