The system turns one bar signal to 5 full bars

    From RMB3, 980                                         NO monthly fee

    Easy system relocation                            System world-wide compatible

    No maintenance need                              One year warranty

You can stop suffering from dropped calls when you’re inside your home, restaurant, office or factory.

Many mobile phone user are already replacing or considering replacing their landline and using their mobile phones as their only phones. Some are using their mobile phone as their primary work phone.

However in order to cut the landline and go completely wireless at home, you need reliable coverage.

The system improves the moible phone singal coverage so that you can use your mobile phone as your only phone.

It also improve all the mobile phone functions as:
  3G high-speed data on laptop air cards / Internet usage from your mobile
  PDA interactive mesaging / Instant messaging
  Downloading software / Security system backup

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Satellite Packages
Dish HD
G Sat HD
HongKong I Cable HD
Dream Philippines
Europe & Mid-East
Sky Perfect(Japan)
India Channels
Commercial Users




Hong Kong i.cable

Dish HD


Multi-Room Solution

More than one TV to share the satellite picture!!

PLC solution

difficult to extend the internet cable!!


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