Mobile phone signal booster system

Mobile Phone Signal Booster system

Do you live and or work in area with poor cellular network coverage?
You want to find a way to improve cell phone signal?

With the cell phone signal booster system you can now speak and be heard clearly on a cell phone at home, office and factory. No more missed business calls or loss of sales.

The system is a device used to boost the cell phone reception to the local area by the usage of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna.

These are similar to the cellular broadcast towers used to broadcast by the network providers, but much smaller in size. The amplifier works by rebroadcasting cellular signals inside the building. The system uses an external, directional antenna to collect the best cellular signal, which is then transmitted to an amplifier unit which amplifies the signal, and retransmits it locally, providing significantly improved signal strength.


The booster is a single-band system which supports a single carrier and single band therefore you must choose the correct system based upon your carrier and you should check with your cell phone carrier to determine the frequency band(s) (GSM or CDMA) that is being used. The advantage of single band systems is that they can be optimized to provide greater coverage than a comparably priced dual-band system.

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