100.5 AsiaSat 2(Rai, DW-German, RTP, TVE)

This package contains RTP- Portugues, TVE- Spanish, RAI- Italian, PTP Planeta- Russian, Cuba Vision- Cuban and lot of Arabic language channels. More important is those channels are FTA.

AsiaSat 3S 105.5 (TV5)


Except the India Sahara channel series, it also contains the TV5 and DW German channels. Moreover, the Aljazeera news channel let you have another view of point of the world.

76.5 C


If you were from Netherland or Switzerland, this satellite is your first choice.

The BVN-Netherland channel is FTA. But the SVT-Europa channel is request the subscription card.

Arabian and Europe etc. Satellite TV on AsiaSat 2
Freq. Symbol rate  Channel Name  Language

03820 V 27500

Website  Syria Satellite Channel  Arabic
Yemen Satellite TV  Arabic
 Abu Dhabi TV Europe  Arabic
 Oman TV Satellite  Arabic
 Saudi Arabian TV 1 Satellite  Arabic
 Qatar TV  Arabic
 Sudan TV  Arabic
 Sharjah TV  Arabic
   Libiya TV  class="ziti"Arabic
03660 V 27500  Emirates Channel  Arabic
 Al Nile  Arabic
 Alalam News Channel  Arabic
 Kuwait Space Channel  Arabic
 Jame-Jam TV Network 3  Iraqi
03880 H 20400  VOA  English
03960 H 27500  Real Madrid TV English  English
04000 H 28125  RTR Planeta  Russian
 RAI International 3  Italian
 TVE Internacional Asia-Africa  Spanish
 RTP Internacional ásia/Oceania  Portuguese
 Cubavisión Internacional  Cuban
4148 V 11850  East Asia Satellite TV  Chinese
 Lotus TV  Chinese
 Macau Asia Satellite TV  Chinese
Channel is subject to change without prior notice to subscribers
Indian etc. Satellite TV Europe & Mid- East
Freq. Symbol rate    Channel Name  Language
03760 H 26000 Website  NOW  English
 Bloomberg TV Asia-Pacific  English
 Russia Today  
 MTA International  
 TV 5 Monde Asie  French
 DW-TV  German
04000 H 26850  Phoenix InfoNews  Chinese
   Phoenix China  Chinese
 Xing Kong  Chinese
03647 V 04340    TV One (Pakistan)  Pakistan
 Waseb TV  Pakistan
03725 V 04450  BTV World  English
03745 V 02626  Fashion TV Hong Kong & Asia  English
03750 V 02820  Aaj TV  Pakistan
03755 V 04418  Arirang TV Arab  Iranian
03780 V 28100  Star Utsav  Hindi
04020 V 27250  Sahara National  Hindi
   Sahara NCR  Hindi
   Sahara Mumbai  Hindi
   Sahara Uttar Pradesh  Hindi
   Sahara Bihar  Hindi
   Sahara Madhya Pradesh  Hindi
04091 V 13333  PTV 1  Pakistan
 PTV World  Pakistan
   ATV (Pakistan)  Pakistan
   AVT Khyber  Pakistan
04102 V 02890  PTV Global  Pakistan
04112 V 09333  PTV National Pakistan
 PTV Global Pakistan
04140 V 27500  Zee Music Asia Hindi
 Zee Smile Hindi
03706 V 06000    PAL (Singapore) Chinese
   NTSC (Singapore) Chinese
Channel is subject to change without prior notice to subscribers

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