AsiaSat 3S

G Sat Insat 2E/3B
(Sahara) (NEO Cricket)  

 Indian Satellite TV on Insat 2E/3B
Freq. Symbol rate Channel Name Language
03428 V 03000  Yo Music  Indian
03438 V 02950  Jain TV (DVB)  Indian
03455 V 02800  Shalom TV  Indian
03485 V 27000  Eenadu TV (DVB)  Indian
   ETV Uttar Pradesh  Indian
   ETV Madhya Pradesh  Indian
   ETV Rajasthan  Indian
   ETV Bihar  Indian
03551 V 03253  TV 9 (DVB)  Indian
03554 V 03000  Star Ananda (DVB)  Bengali
03560 V 03366  S1 (DVB)  Indian
03581 V 03255  TV 9 Kannada (DVB)  Indian
03593 V 08680  Jaya TV  Indian
   Jaya Plus promo  Indian
03611 V 09626  Aakaash (DVB)  Indian
03620 V 03333  NE TV (DVB)  Indian
03643 V 19531  Asianet  Indian
   Asianet News  Indian
   Asianet Plus  Indian
   Jeevan TV  Indian
   Asianet Suvarna  
03678 V 05926  Amrita TV (DVB)  Indian
03687 V 03327  NE Hi Fi (DVB)   Indian
03696 V 05787  Win TV (India)  Indian
 Makkal TV  
 Tamilan TV  
 Kairali Channel  Indian
   Kairali People  Indian
   Kairali We  Indian
03760 V 06500    CNBC Awaaz  Indian
   CNBC TV 18  Indian
03845 V 24800    Win TV (India)  Indian
   Makkal TV  Indian
   Tamilan TV  Indian
03960 V 03300  IBN 7 (DVB)  Indian
04005 V 27000  ETV Marathi (Irdeto 2)  Indian
   ETV Kannada (Irdeto 2)  Indian 
   ETV Urdu  Indian
   ETV Gujarati (Irdeto 2)  Indian
   ETV Oriya (Irdeto 2)  Indian
04042 V 08000  RRSat promo  Indian
   God's Learning Channel  Indian
 Tristit TV  
   Bhaarath TV  Indian
04070 V 05000 DD National (DVB)   Indian
Channel is subject to change without prior notice to subscribers

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